COC for students

Code of Conduct for Students

a. The observance of rules of discipline and good behaviour is an essential pre-requisite to a pupil’s continuance in the schools of CTSA. The following are the forbidden practices:

  1. Moral turpitude
  2. Theft or cheating or using unfair means in examinations/tests:
  3. Rowdyism or other rude behaviour
  4. Use of violence in any form;
  5. Any form of gambling, smoking
  6. Use of any drugs, or intoxicants except on prescription by a Registered Medial Practitioner;
  7. Truancy;
  8. Disfiguring or otherwise damaging school property;
  9. Repeated indiscipline;
  10. Gross misconduct;
  11. Any act unbecoming of a student

Director from time to time may amend or add forbidden practices.

b. The following disciplinary measures are prescribed in dealing with erring pupils who indulge in any of the above forbidden practices;

  1. Warning
  2. Fine
  3. Rustication for a period to be specified
  4. Expulsion

c. The Principal/Headmaster who is satisfied that a pupil has indulged in any of the forbidden practices may ‘warn’ under intimation to his/her parent/local guardian. Intimation to this effect will also be sent to the Headquarters office.

d. In case of persisting indulgence in the forbidden practices where the Institutional Head is satisfied on the basis of information and evidence available that the retention of the child in the school is detrimental to its moral tone and discipline, rustication or expulsion may be resorted to. In such cases, the Institutional Head in the first instance shall place the pupil under suspension. Intimation to this effect will be sent to his parent/local guardian and the Director, CTSA forthwith. In case of boarders the penalty of expulsion can only be imposed by the Rector in consultation with Principal.