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Arise, Awake and Stop not, till the Goal is Achieved. – By Swami Vivekananda


The School paves a path of progress by taking the children to such a height where their talents and capacities find full expression, where the light of knowledge illumines every heart & where the Divine Spirit is manifested in Action and Deeds. It is so because the members of school are the staunch believers of “Vasudaiv Kutumbkam” which means the whole world is one. The School also endeavors to preserve and promote the rich Cultural heritage of the Tibetans by providing quality Education to its students.

Principal’s Message

Shri S.P. SINGH, Principal

CST Mussoorie is the most premier institution under CTSA. We believe in holistic development of every child and every child matters. If school flourish the society also flourishes. We always follow every government initiative in letter and spirit. In this spirit we campaigned a massive awareness of free vaccination initiated by the Government of India under the phenomenal leadership of our Prime Minister.

Let us all join together to make our country 100% literate and knowledgable society.